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THOMASTON — From the office of the Pope Memorial Humane Society’s volunteer coordinator, Jacqueline Harjula. As the Volunteer Coordinator, I think it’s important for people to realize how valuable the work volunteers do at the shelter. Did you know that volunteers gave 9,455 hours of service in 2021? What are they doing to rack up so many hours, you might be wondering. Here is the preview:

Volunteers in the cat and kennel area come in for a regular two-hour shift once a week in the morning. Some sign up for more than one shift per week. Many dog ​​walkers volunteer for multiple shifts and come regularly to give our dogs much needed exercise in the wind, rain, snow and sleet.

Have you noticed the beautiful paths through the woods used by dog ​​walkers? There are volunteers who maintain the trails and spread fresh wood chips. Have you ever made a donation to the shelter and received a nice handwritten thank you note? There is a team of volunteers who write them. If you visit the shelter, there is a volunteer at the reception who will welcome and assist you. Our front desk volunteers also help with filing and phone calls.

Do you know our collection of cans and bottles, including the Clynk program? The Thomaston transfer station generously allows us to put a cart there for the collection of redeemables. Hard-working volunteers pick them up several times a week and drop them off at Wicked Redemptions. We have green Clynk bags available here for donors to fill and drop off at Hannaford for their buyback program. This is a major fundraiser for us.


Several volunteers visit the cats and dogs for a moment of rest and relaxation, conversation, reading and petting. It helps socialize the shy and calm the overly energetic. Did you enjoy the lovely pet photos on our Facebook page? Our volunteer animal photographer comes once a week to update our photo album. Have you ever attended one of our special events including: Craft Fair, Cookbook Sale & Tasting, Clean Up Day with BBQ? Our volunteers help make these events fun and successful.

So, as you can see, many hands do light work, and our wonderful volunteers help keep our shelter running smoothly. Have you ever considered volunteering? If so, go to our website — www.popehumane.org — and complete the volunteer application. I love all my volunteers!

Our featured pet this week is Oriole, a very sweet and talkative cat. She keeps her four white paws very clean, as well as her long fluffy coat. Oriole lived in a barn with other adult cats and kittens and would love to snuggle up next to you in a nice, warm home forever. If you come to visit her, you will surely fall in love.

Wish list: canned cat food (pie style), dryer sheets, slant brooms, tampons, hot dogs and string cheese.

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