Sustainability award to Zorlu Energy in the fight against the climate crisis

Zero Carbon Forestation project, sowing (source: Zorlu Energy)

Turkey’s largest geothermal player, Zorlu Energy, has received a prestigious award for its zero-carbon forests project in Turkey.

Turkish energy company Zorlu Energy received an award with its “Zero Carbon Footprint Forests Project” for its contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Zero Carbon Forests Project, which was implemented in the name of tackling the climate crisis and building a sustainable future, received the Silver Achievement Award at the Sustainable Development Goals Awards organized by Turkey Corporate Social Responsibility Association.

Zorlu Energy implemented the “Zero Carbon Footprint Forests Project” in 2010 in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Mehmet Zorlu Foundation to reset the carbon footprint resulting from its activities, and aims to plant 1 .2 million saplings by 2030. The company also said they aim to plant 90,000 saplings each year during the project.

With a total installed geothermal power generation capacity of 290 MW, Zorlu Energy is the largest geothermal company in Turkey.

Funda Kücükosmanoglu, Head of Corporate Communications Group at Zorlu Energy, said: “As Zorlu Energy, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from our activities to zero, as well as to adopt on decarbonization to tackle the growing global climate crisis. . With our strategy that we have developed for this, we try to contribute to the decarbonization and development of biodiversity not only of our own operations, but also of our country, focusing on creating a business model and of a restaurant value chain. We have implemented many projects that add value to the Sustainable Development Goals, based on the understanding of “respecting the environment and people first”, which we have built on the basis of our way of doing Business. As a reward for our efforts, we have planted more than 330,000 saplings in total as part of the “Zero Carbon Footprint Forests Project”, which we started 10 years ago and which won this significant award. We aim to contribute to our country’s fight for decarbonization with every sapling we bring to the ground and achieve our goal of being a carbon neutral company by the year 2030. In this way, we will continue to create useful works for a sustainable world, taking into account the well-being of society, with all our corporate social responsibility projects that we will implement in the future as today.

Source: Milliyet via our Turkish news platform Jeotermal Haberler