RANA Updates on Recycling Pickup Return

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – After more than a month of operational delays, compounded by supply shortages and sick workers, the Recycling Alliance of North Alabama says it’s back on track. However, some residents worry that even if their recycling is picked up, it might not end up where it’s supposed to.

RANA Executive Director John “Doc” Holladay told News 19 that extreme loads of the recycling backlog are being successfully delivered to a facility in Chattanooga.

“In the last two days we’ve collected over 400 tons of recyclables, which is a huge amount in a short period of time,” Holladay said. “That should put us back on a schedule for the first collection on Monday. This should take place on Monday morning.

Holladay said quick action by the Madison County Commission and the Huntsville City Council is yielding results after the usual trucks of Red River Waste Management Solutions has been well under supply for the past two months, leading to unprecedented delays.

“The challenge we have now is actually that we have to use our waste energy plant here as a transfer station,” he said.

Holladay said more than 30 18-wheelers are brought in from the Birmingham area to haul whatever is possible.

“They always went to Chattanooga,” Holladay said. “Our partner there who runs the material recovery facility is west rock.”

Holladay admits that seeing city and county garbage trucks might give a less-than-green impression. But he assures that it does not affect the materials because the trucks are clean enough.

“They clean these trucks every day,” Holladay said. “So the trucks have to be clean, no cross contamination like that. And what we did was we just took the clean recyclables, we separated them from everything else. We plan to recycle them as if Red River collected your recyclables on a regular schedule.

Madison County and the City of Huntsville each said they would continue to loan their trucks and workers for as long as needed.