MRSGI is considering more initiatives to strengthen community ties

METRO Retail Stores Group Inc. (MRSGI) looks forward to conducting more in-person outreach programs with its community partners as mobility restrictions gradually ease.

The company believes that complementing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives with warmer relationships, such as those that have been successfully established through face-to-face or on-site interactions, can lead to greater success of its programs. .

“Digital avenues are wonderful because they have allowed us to continue our CSR programs and introduce innovative ways to connect with our stakeholders,” said Anna Marie Periquet, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at MRSGI.

MRSGI’s initiatives not only improve the lives of Filipinos, but also serve as a vehicle for its clients to contribute to their positive impact on communities. These continued for more than three decades.

These programs are implemented through partnerships with various entities, providing scholarship and livelihood opportunities as well as retail access to marginalized sectors, smallholder farmers, and small and medium enterprises.

By working with eco-farming communities, MRSGI contributes to these organizations’ goals of promoting sustainable farming practices, increasing farmers’ productivity and incomes, and bringing to market a greater variety of healthy and healthy products. durable.

These communities include the GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, which supports scholarships for children of farmers in the Sierra Madre, Bulacan and Kiboa Ridge Farms, which supports the livelihoods of small farmers in Bukidnon.

A sphere that the founders of MRSGI, Victor and Sally Gaisano, prioritize, education is also a key part of its social responsibilities. In addition to scholarships provided by the business development arm of the Vicsal Foundation, MRSGI continues to work with non-profit organizations Caritas Margins and World Vision by placing Segunda Mana donation boxes and coin boxes respectively. to support their education programs for the poor but deserving. children.

To learn more about Metro Retails’ CSR projects, visit the website.