Ministry of Defense should approach pvt companies on CSR | Hyderabad News

Secunderabad: The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is likely to knock on the doors of private companies to implement the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in educational and health establishments in cantonment areas.
TOI had access to a key document in which the Standing Defense Committee, made up of 20 deputies from Lok Sabha and 10 members from Rajya Sabha, adopted certain recommendations in both chambers and sent them to the Ministry of Defense for approval after holding a meeting in Delhi recently.
The standing committee, faced with a shortage of resources and infrastructure development challenges often encountered by cantonments, recommended the implementation of the CSR program. The Association for the Welfare of Citizens of All Cantonments welcomed this recommendation. Its General Secretary Jitender Surana said: “CSR is necessary to uplift the needy sections of society. ”
The Ministry of Defense replied that it could be properly considered and pointed it out to the committee.
When the standing committee pointed out that the nature of the cantonments was such that there was only limited commercial and commercial activity and virtually no industrial unit presence, the Defense Ministry told the committee that it was looking for with state governments to provide funds to cantonments as given to municipalities to perform various development activities / functions. The funds have been received from six states.
Members of the standing committee also recommended that the defense ministry expand the necessary budget support to cantonments so that social initiatives taken by cantonment councils continue uninterrupted. The 15th Finance Committee, while allocating grants to states, has for the first time issued instructions for the distribution of a proportional share of grants to state cantonment councils during the current fiscal year, said the Ministry of Defense to the standing committee.