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Former US President Donald Trump was a big supporter of Brexit and has regularly raised the prospect of a massive trade deal with the UK. But his loss in the US presidential election to Joe Biden considerably slowed the momentum towards an agreement between the two world superpowers. Mr Biden did not speak so enthusiastically about the UK’s departure from the European Union and expressed frustration at Britain’s implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The US president, who is of Irish descent, has previously warned that he “will ensure that there is no trade deal between the United States and the United Kingdom if the implementation of Brexit endangered the Good Friday agreement ”.

However, he now faces one of the biggest tests of his presidency, with his disapproval rate hitting an all-time high in December as growing numbers of voters become frustrated with his administration over handling the economy. and the Covid pandemic.

A new CNBC / Change Research poll of 1,895 people found 56% of voters say they disapprove of the job he does – the worst read of its kind in his one-year presidency.

The Democrat’s approval rating now stands at just 44%, down from 46% in September and 51% in April.

Now, a critical year looms with the midterm elections in the United States in November, and foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner has warned that a bad result could give major momentum to a trade deal between the United Kingdom and the United States.

He told “Things could change after next November’s midterm elections, where polls predict a huge Republican landslide, which would fundamentally shift the balance of power in the US Congress.

“If this change happened, there would be a lot more pressure on the White House to move forward with a trade deal.

“Midterms are a game-changer, as is the 2024 presidential election, if you have a conservative president keen to move forward with a trade deal.”

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“This is the result of the Biden administration’s animosity towards Brexit and that administration’s reluctance to move forward with a US-UK free trade agreement.

“Biden’s presidency has been extremely unnecessary in regards to UK-US relations and Biden’s foreign policy has been a complete disaster, as we have seen with the withdrawal from Afghanistan. , damaging America’s position in the world.

“There is no momentum on the part of the administration to move forward with a trade deal.

“This is a huge mistake because a trade deal between the world’s largest and fifth largest economy will create many new jobs for Americans and is good for the US economy.

In a fresh attack on the US president, Gardiner added, “The Biden administration is obsessed with the NI protocol issue and is recycling talking points given to it by the EU.

“They are repeating the Brussels propaganda.”