IAPCO Prize for Collaboration won by the Greek PCO AFEA and CSR Hellas at the IBTM Leadership Summit

The recently opened Moco Museum in Barcelona was the setting on November 29 for the IBTM Leaders’ Summit, a traditional curtain-raiser for the main show.

Sissi Lygnou, CEO of Greek PCO AFEA and Ariadne Stagkou-Bell, CSR and Communication Specialist, CSR Hellas received the 2021 IAPCO Driving Excellence Collaboration Awards at the event. The trophy celebrates the partnerships that bring excellence to the meetings industry.

“The nominations for the IAPCO Collaboration Award were exceptional. But the jury recognized that the collaboration between AFEA and CSR Hellas was exceptional because of the scale of its actions. Sustainability is a key issue for our industry and this collaboration has sparked change at the national level. It is very inspiring and aligns with IAPCO’s commitment to further embed sustainability in what we do, ”said Ori Lahav, President of IAPCO.

In 2019 and 2018, AFEA subscribed to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and integrated them into the organization’s strategic plan. AFEA wanted to go further and contribute to raising awareness of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development as a key element for the future strategic planning of the Greek meeting industry. They became members of the CSR Hellas Network and, with its advice, developed the organization service “Sustainable Events” (ODD 12,8,3,2).

The actions carried out within the framework of this collaboration have made it possible to raise awareness in the field of sustainability at the national level and CSR and AFEA are currently collaborating on other actions aimed at increasing awareness of sustainable development.

Ariadne Stagkou-Bell said, “Sustainability is the only future for everyone, and recognizing the value of partnering with diverse stakeholders provides us with the know-how and skills to turn this challenge into a successful opportunity. “

Sissi Lygnou added: “We are extremely happy and proud because this award gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of a valued and long-term collaboration with the CSR Hellas network, as well as to strengthen our efforts to create a greater awareness of the key role of sustainable development in our Industry. As active members of IAPCO, we invest in partnerships that help shape a more sustainable future in the meetings industry.

The IAPCO Driving Excellence Collaboration Award, supported by IBTM, is now in its seventh year. Shortlisted candidates included:

  • MCI Middle East and Arab Association of Urology (AAU)
  • Kenes Group and European Society for Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC)
  • The Conference Company and International Conference Services (ICS)