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Ex-engineer turned successful pineapple entrepreneur

Published on: Sunday March 06, 2022

By: Bernama

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Roslee posed with pineapples harvested from her farm. (Bernama)

Pengerang: The decision to quit his job as a welding engineer to pursue his interest in agriculture proved lucrative for 51-year-old Roslee Ismail. Roslee, who operates a pineapple farm in Kampung Lepau, Pengerang in Kota Tinggi, said he knew he wanted to try his hand at pineapple farming after visiting the pineapple plantations every time. he was returning to his hometown. “Before that, I worked in a private company in Selangor and every time I returned to my village in Kota Tinggi, I saw a lot of people growing pineapples. From there, I had the desire to do the same in my hometown,” he recently told Bernama.

Roslee said that in 2006, the village security and development committee (JKKK) agreed to lease some 8.09 hectares (20 acres) of land to him in Kampung Lepau, and since then he has cultivated several varieties of pineapples such as M36, Morris, Crystal Honey and Josaphine, before focusing entirely on the MD2 variety due to strong market demand. “With a capital of around RM100,000, I started growing pineapples by hiring workers to work there for an 18-month cycle,” said Roslee, a certificate holder in Welding Technology from Youth Skills Institute. At first, Roslee faced many challenges, including being unable to secure land in the Agriculture Department’s Permanent Food Production Park (TKPM) due to heavy competition from others. “After 18 months, my attempt to grow pineapples was successful and at the same time several pineapple growers in the TKPM project failed.


“So the Department of Agriculture offered me 20 acres of land and after the cycle was completed they offered me another 20 acres of TKPM land. Now I have a total of 40 acres of land to farm harvest,” he added. Roslee, who moved to TKPM Farm in 2009, was thrilled and satisfied to see her agricultural products receiving high demand from the public and decided to quit her job as a welding engineer. to fully concentrate on his farm in the same year, he was even happier when the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Council (LPNM) also offered him an MD2 seed loan worth RM100,000 in 2013 to intensify its efforts to cultivate the variety of pineapples and meet the high demand in the domestic and export markets. “In one week, we are able to produce 200 MD2 pineapples with an average turnover of RM 3 per fruit, which is equivalent to RM6,000 per week.With the RM2 grant provides ie per LPNM, farmers only have to bear the cost of RM1 per fruit and make a net profit of RM4,000 per week,” he explained.


According to LPNM’s record, Johor is the largest pineapple producer followed by Sarawak, Sabah and Kedah.
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