BJP chief calls for probe into BSL’s CSR funds

Alleging embezzlement of corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds by the management of the Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), a senior BJP official demanded an investigation into the expenditure of BSL’s CSR funds.

In a letter to the Union Steel Minister, a BJP leader, Dr Prakash, alleged the mismanagement and misuse of BSL’s CSR funds. BSL’s CSR department has completely failed. People do not benefit from any kind of facilities in the areas adjacent to the factory. BSL officials are mismanaging and embezzling funds, he said.

“Where BSL funds are ultimately spent on behalf of the CSR fund is a matter of enquiry,” Dr Praksh added.

BSL is closing its own health facilities one by one, including education centers and schools. At the same time, BSL officials in private schools are working to increase it by becoming trustees.

One by one, BSL is closing its own health centers and schools. While on the other hand, BSL officials serve as trustees in private schools for their inclusive growth.

Free facilities, accommodation including water and electricity are provided to these private schools. At the same time, no dispensation is granted by the school management to the children of BSL staff. The whole education system has collapsed because of these corrupt officials, Dr Prakash said.

He said that soon a letter would be sent on behalf of BJP leader Babulal Marandi, informing him of the whole situation and demanding action. “We will also demand an investigation into the expenditure of BSL’s CSR funds,” he added.