Battle Motors Brings 21 LET2 Garbage Vehicles to New York in Partnership with Filco Carting

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Combat Engines The truck manufacturing company is proud to announce the sale of 21 Battle Motors LET2 sanitation trucks to New York City’s industry leader – Filco Carting. The Battle Motors LET2 Truck is the powerful professional truck that provides best-in-class components to meet and exceed the demanding needs of New York’s rugged streets. Filco Carting is run by CEO Domenic Monopoli and is a 4th generation family business that has been providing the metropolitan area with waste collection and recycling since 1910. Filco Carting trucks serve over 5,000 commercial, residential, industrial and institutions in the metropolitan area.

According to Domenic Monopoli, CEO of Filco Carting, “Battle Motors has taken a firm stance in turning the needle since the start of last year in exceeding the targets of New York’s new commercial waste zone program, combined with their advanced design, competitive pricing, availability and the quality of their chassis. It was obvious to make Battle Motors the selected truck to buy for the new shopping areas of the city. Filco Carting prides itself on being at the forefront of safety, reliability and high level service. Our partnership with Battle Motors gives us this level of consumer confidence in our long-standing customer base. “

Filco Carting currently serves over 5,000 customers per day with a fleet of over 50, priding itself on exclusively using the latest trucks with the best technology available, making the new purchase with Battle Motors an ideal partner. The purchase is a testament to Filco’s continued commitment to “safety first” for its valued customers and team members, as well as impeccable service.

Battle Motors trucks have undergone 75 years of continuous mechanical and aesthetic improvements, designed to tackle even the most difficult roads. Battle Motors trucks are workhorses with sophisticated engineering, cutting edge features, and quality built to last.

“Battle Motors delivers comfort, visibility and reliability with the heavy-duty household garbage chassis, but champions lower maintenance costs and noise reduction, which will help Filco Carting with the new shopping areas in New York City. A sturdy frame, attention to detail, and a durable yet ergonomic cabin environment safeguard the health and safety of New York City employees and make these vehicles a great investment. We look forward to this partnership with Filco Carting as one of the leading private carriers in the tri-state area, and we believe this is the start of Battle Motors Trucks being the “work horse” for all fleets. from the country “, says David Berg, vice president of sales at Battle Motors.

Battle Motors has long been the first choice of household garbage customers and is now well positioned to be the industry leader for professional heavy-duty trucks in cities across the country. Battle Motors LET is equipped with an integrated electric powertrain. Filco Carting was one of the first private remediation and recycling companies to purchase and operate Battle Motors garbage trucks in the greater New York City area.


Battle Motors was founded in 2021 by Mike Patterson, the founder of Romeo Power. Battle Motors, a leader in the development of electric vehicle (EV) technology, acquired commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Crane Carrier Company, LLC (CCC) earlier this year. Battle Motors is the industry leader in professional trucks, supplying ready-to-go diesel, clean natural gas (CNG) and now electric vehicle chassis designed and manufactured in North America for the waste and construction markets. recycling. Battle Motor’s durable and reliable trucks are designed to excel in a multitude of applications that now include middle mile and last mile delivery. CCC has been manufacturing commercial vehicles for 75 years and is headquartered in New Philadelphia, Ohio.



For over 100 years, Filco Carting has continued to be a family business and a leader in the Commercial waste collection services Industry. Our commitment to Health and security of our team members, customers and citizens of Greater New York City continues to be of the highest priority. Proud to maintain close to 5,000 commercial, residential, industrial and institutional businesses in the New York metropolitan area, we provide our clients and clients with the most comprehensive, highest-value services on the market for dumpster rental, waste collection, recycling and waste management services. Approved by the New York Business Integrity Commission, BIC # 390, Filco Carting Corporation is committed to maintaining the highest environmental and safety standards.