TEXT: Since its inception in 1922, Attack Refinery has contributed to CSR, which is an integral part of our core values. Over these long years, we have taken comprehensive initiatives in this area and continue to find ways and means to contribute significantly to the well-being of the community, such as under:

Attock Sahara Foundation

The Attock Sahara Foundation (ASF) is a registered non-profit organization (NPO), sponsored by the ARL to assist and support the less privileged segment of the community through various welfare programs including the apprenticeship, the scholarship program, the marriage support fund, the poor patient fund. , Zakat collection and distribution and community development projects. ASF places particular emphasis on empowering and strengthening less privileged women by teaching them different skills and raising their awareness to enable them to earn a living for their families.

Foundation of the National Center for Cleaner Production

National Cleaner Production Center Foundation (NCPC-F), an NPO, sponsored by ARL, offers cleaner production services, environmental services, energy audits, bioremediation, waste minimization and waste disposal/incineration. One of its main objectives is to build the capacity of those involved through environmental awareness workshops, training on impact assessment and conducts seminars on loss prevention audits, energy conservation and drinking water quality. It also actively participates in tree planting campaigns, including the supply of plants.

Community well-being

ARL supports and organizes multiple community welfare activities such as the provision of drinking water, free medical camps, administrative and financial support to schools and places of worship, annual grants to neighboring union councils, maintenance sports facilities and sponsorship of sporting events. ARL provides job opportunities for special people to help them earn a respectable living.

Environmental protection and clean energy measures

ARL, in conjunction with The Attack Oil Company Limited (AOC), has established Attack Institute of Horticulture (AIH) for the promotion of the art and practice of horticulture. ARL has established the Morgah Biodiversity Park which helps conserve the biodiversity of the Potohar region and provides recreation and education for visitors. ARL plants 10,000 to 12,000 saplings each year to strengthen vegetation cover, improve the environment and conserve natural ecosystems for future generations.

To reduce the cost of energy and take a step towards clean/green energy generation, ARL has installed solar power systems on the roofs of a number of buildings within its premises.

Training and development

ARL runs an extensive 1-2 year management and apprenticeship training program for new graduates and AEDs to provide an on-the-job industrial training opportunity. ARL also offers summer internships to a large number of students from different educational institutions across the country, to provide students with exposure to industrial and professional learning.

Attock Hospital Limited

Attock Hospital Limited (AHL), a subsidiary of ARL, provides medical services, including dialysis, not only to employees of the Attock Group, but also to the surrounding community with free or discounted treatment for deserving patients.

Worker welfare

The ARL provides maximum benefits to its workers and ensures cordial industrial relations through its Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA).

Workers benefit from many facilities, including subsidized food. Each year, through Pilotage, four workers are selected for Hajj and five workers for Umrah and their spouses or dependents at company expense. A non-Muslim worker is selected along with their spouse or dependent to visit their sacred places in Pakistan. A free pick-up and drop-off service is provided for workers’ children going to school, college and university.

The “Good Performance” and “Safety Awards” are given quarterly to workers for their motivation and the “Long Service Awards” to recognize their long association with ARL. The Company provides scholarships from Class 6 to Ph.D. for children of employees and also gives awards to outstanding students for their recognition and encouragement.

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